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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 1997, Vol. 8 ›› Issue (1): 43

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Experimental observation of radiation heat waves

Ding Yao-Nan , Yao Zhen-Yu ,Miao Wen-Yong , Li Wen-Hong ,He Hai-En , Yi Rong-Qing , Shun Ke-Xi ,Zheng Zhi-Jian and Wen Shu-Huai   

  1. Southwest Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry , Chengdu 610003
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Ding Yao-Nan , Yao Zhen-Yu , Miao Wen-Yong , Li Wen-Hong , He Hai-En , Yi Rong-Qing , Shun Ke-Xi , Zheng Zhi-Jian and Wen Shu-Huai. Experimental observation of radiation heat waves.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 1997, 8(1): 43

Abstract: Radiation heat waves play an impo rtant role in high-temperature hydro-dynamic phenomena which is very impor tant for laser fusion .Therefore , the propagation of a radiation heat w ave through a thin foil of solid aluminium is observed .The wave is driven by the intense soft-X-ray radiation in acy lindrical cavity heated by the intense laser pulse.Experiments are carried out with two beams of λ=1 .05μm light from the Shenguang Ndglass laser facility .The pulse energ y is about 600 J and the pulse duration 0.8 ns. Evidence of radiation heat wave is obtained by observing the delay ed signal of intense thermal emission from the outside of the foil .The delay is 850 ps for 1 .5μm thick foil and the mass ablation rate is about 4 .8 ×105 g/(cm2·s)under the X-ray flux of about 1 ×1013 W/cm2 . Also, the radiation-driven shock waves of (2 ±1)TPa are observed from different sho ts in the experiments

Key words: Radiation heat wave, Shock wave, Time and spectrum resolved soft-X-ray diagnostics, Laser plasma