Nuclear Science and Techniques

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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 1992, Vol. 3 ›› Issue (4): 252

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Jin Tao(靳涛)1, Wang Mi(王密)1, Wu Jinzheng(吴进争)1, Guo Qi(郭旗)1, Liu Yi(刘漪)2   

  1. 1 Xin jang Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Urumai 830011, China;
    2 Xin fang Medical College, Urumgi 820054, China
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Jin Tao(靳涛), Wang Mi(王密), Wu Jinzheng(吴进争), Guo Qi(郭旗), Liu Yi(刘漪). A NEW CLINICAL EXTRAPOLATION CHAMBER DOSIMETER.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 1992, 3(4): 252

Abstract: In recent years the extrapolation chamber has been developed a clinical dosimeter for electron beams and X-rays from medical linac. It consists of a new type extrapolation chamber, a water phantom and an intelligent portable instrument. The chamber is fitted a thin entrance window and has a collecting clectrade made of polystyrene 20mm in diameter. The electrode spacing can be varied by stepping motor drive achieving high precision of electrode setting. The variable gap is as small as 0.20mm to 6 mm. The dosimeter can automatically finish the measuring process, and has error self-test and dose self-recording function. The total uncertainty is 2.7%.

Key words: Extrapolation chamber, Medical linac, Radiation therapy