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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2005, Vol. 16 ›› Issue (5): 304

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Upgraded data service system for HT-7 Tokamak

QU Lian-Zheng1,2, LUO Jia-Rong1,3, WEI Pei-Jie1, LI Gui-Ming1, CHENG Ting1, QI Na1   

  1. 1 Institute of Plasma Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei 230031;
    2 Institute of Communication Command, PLA, Wuhan 430010;
    3 Dong Hua University, Shanghai 200051)
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QU Lian-Zheng, LUO Jia-Rong, WEI Pei-Jie, LI Gui-Ming, CHENG Ting, QI Na. Upgraded data service system for HT-7 Tokamak.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2005, 16(5): 304

Abstract: A data service system plays an indispensable role in HT-7 Tokamak experiment. Since the former system doesn’t provide the function of timely data procession and analysis, and all client software are based on Windows, it can’t fulfill virtual fusion laboratory for remote researchers. Therefore, a new system which is simplified by three kinds of data servers and one data analysis and visualization software tool has been developed. The data servers include a data acquisition server based on file system, an MDSplus server used as the central repository for analysis data, and a web server. Users who prefer the convenience of application that can be run in a Web Browser can easily access the experiment data without knowing X-Windows. In order to adjust instruments to control experiment the operators need to plot data duly as soon as they are gathered. To satisfy their requirement, an upgraded data analysis and visualization software GT-7 is developed. It not only makes 2D data visualization more efficient, but also it can be capable of processing, analyzing and displaying interactive 2D and 3D graph of raw, analyzed data by the format of ASCII, LZO and MDSplus.

Key words: Tokamak, HT-7, Data system, MDSplus, GT-7