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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2004, Vol. 15 ›› Issue (1): 4

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Recent progress of nuclear liquid gas phase transition

MA Yu-Gang, SHEN Wen-Qing   

  1. Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201800
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MA Yu-Gang, SHEN Wen-Qing. Recent progress of nuclear liquid gas phase transition.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2004, 15(1): 4

Abstract: Recent progress on nuclear liquid gas phase transition (LGPT) has been reviewed, especially for the signals of LGPT in heavy ion collisions. These signals include the power-law charge distribution, cluster emission rate, nuclear Zipf law, bimodality, the largest fluctuation of the fragments, Δ-scaling, caloric curve, phase coexistence diagram, critical temperature, critical exponent analysis, negative specific heat capacity and spinodal instability etc. The systematic works of the authors on experimental and theoretical LGPT are also introduced.

Key words: Nuclear liquid gas phase transition, Fragment yield distribution, Fisher droplet model, Zipf-type law, Fluctuation observables, Caloric curve, Phase coexistence diagram, Critical exponent, Spinodal instability