Nuclear Science and Techniques

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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2003, Vol. 14 ›› Issue (1): 9


Multiple scattering approach to X-ray absorption spectroscopy

M. BENFATTO1, Zi-Yu WU2   

  1. 1INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, 00044 Frascati, Italy
    2Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Institute of High Energy Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100039, China
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M. BENFATTO, Zi-Yu WU. Multiple scattering approach to X-ray absorption spectroscopy.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2003, 14(1): 9

Abstract: In this paper we present the state of the art of the theoretical background needed for analyzing X-ray absorp-tion spectra in the whole energy range. The multiple-scattering (MS) theory is presented in detail with some applications on real systems. We also describe recent progress in performing geometrical fitting of the XANES (X-ray absorption near-edge structure) energy region and beyond using a full multiple-scattering approach.

Key words: X-ray absorption spectroscopy, X-ray absorption near-edge structure, Multiple-scattering theory