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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2001, Vol. 12 ›› Issue (4): 276

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Unified understanding of neutrino oscillation and negative mass-square of neutrino

AI Xiao-Bai (Hsiao-bai Ai)   

  1. Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghas 201800
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AI Xiao-Bai (Hsiao-bai Ai). Unified understanding of neutrino oscillation and negative mass-square of neutrino.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2001, 12(4): 276

Abstract: The author indicates that even a conclusive confirmation of uewtrine oscillation does not necessarily imply the existence of tuassive neutrinos. The negative value of neutrino mass-square may be an alternative key with realistic physical tn ing, Reexamining special relativity (SR) we find that there actually exists a foruul phase velocity of " de Broglie' s wave" in temporal Lorenty transformation attributed to the intrinsical essence of Minkowski' s spac. The properties of spacelike interval cribe superluminal motion between two events have already included constrains to de and SR is compatible with the faster-than-light motion originally in algebraic donuait Pay attention to that the operator representation, p--ihV. has just verified for sab luminal particles, not for superluminal particles. adhering to de Broglie' s coexistence idea between waves and particles. it js possible to deduce a formal two-component Weyl equation to describe any species of free neutrinos with imaginary rest mass, which is equivalent to making use of the Dizac equation for a free spin-i/2 pattiele with sero yest mass in form.

Key words: Neutrino oscillation, Superlumniual motion, De Broglic' s wave, Two component Wey equation