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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 1997, Vol. 8 ›› Issue (1): 46

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Dynamic stabilization of D-T burn in Tokamak reactors

Shi Bing-Ren and Long Yong-Xing   

  1. Southwestern Institute of Physics, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Chengdu 610041
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Shi Bing-Ren and Long Yong-Xing. Dynamic stabilization of D-T burn in Tokamak reactors.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 1997, 8(1): 46

Abstract: A simple, enginecringly feasible dynamic method is supposed to control the deuterium-tritium burn process in Tokamak reactors operated in an advanced scenario. The thermal transport of the D-T plasma is described by an anomalous thermal conduction which is a radially increasing function and the central conduction value is proportional to the central temperature of the plasma. The dynamic external heating power is selected to be inversely proportional to certain power function of this temperature. As a result, the D-T burn can undergo in controllable way in different temperature regimes with different power output. Anomalons alpha particle transport effect is taken into account. It can affect the resultant plasma equilibrium, the reactor efficiency, the operation mode and so on.

Key words: Burning plasma, Thermal instability, Dynamic control, Anomalous alpha diffusion