Nuclear Science and Techniques

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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 1992, Vol. 3 ›› Issue (3): 167

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Chen Lishu (陈丽姝)   

  1. China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijng 102413, China
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Chen Lishu (陈丽姝). A SPHERICAL GRAPHITE IONIZATION CHAMBER.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 1992, 3(3): 167

Abstract: This paper describes an exposure ratemeter made of graphite ion chamber. The sensitive volume is 14 cm3. The wall is 5 mm in thickness. The DC amplifier with a high input impedance consists of several stage differential amplifications. and is used for measurement of the ionization currents. Six ranges are able to cover a wide range C/dkg +h). The lowest measurable limit is 5 mC/(kg - h). The zero drift within 8 h is less than 5°, of each full scale. This instrument provides with a relatively convenient method for the of exposure rates. The full scale of the maximum range is measurement. The main advantages of the ionization chamber over other methods lie in rapidity and accuracy. and the change in radiation field with time can be indicated directly. It is particularly successful in acting as a routine dosimeter under high exposure rates

Key words: High dose, Exposure ratemeter, Gamma dose, Spherical ionization chamber, Cavity ionization chamber