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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 1990, Vol. 1 ›› Issue (3): 143

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Zhao Guoqing (赵国庆),Ren Yuehua (任月华),Zhou Zhuying (周筑颖) Tang Guobun (汤国红) and Tang Jiayong (汤家饶)   

  1. Fudan University, Shanghai 2004, China
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Zhao Guoqing (赵国庆), Ren Yuehua (任月华), Zhou Zhuying (周筑颖) Tang Guobun (汤国红) and Tang Jiayong (汤家饶). EXPERIMENTS OF MeV ION BEAM INDUCED ATOMIC MIXING.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 1990, 1(3): 143

Abstract: An experimental apparatus for studies of MeV ion beam modification of materials has been established on a 3 MV tandem accelerator at Fudan university. A system of X- Y electrostatic scanning implantation of MeV heavy ions and in situ Rutherford backscattering analysis was included in it. The uniformity of scanning implantation was checked by the RBS measurement of a Si wafer implanted with 1 MeV Au+ ions MeV ion beam mixing of Au/Si, Au/Ge and Ag/Si systems was preliminarily studied. The samples were irradiated by certain fluences of 1 MeV Ag+ ions at room temperature. The mixed layers were analyzed in situ using the glancing RBS technique with 2 MeV 4He+ ions. For Au/Si eystem, a uniformly mixed layer with a defined composition is obtained, and the intermixing ia much less for Ag/Si system than for Au/Si system.

Key words: MeV, Ag+ ions, Atomic mixing, Au/Si, Au/Ge and, Ag/Si systeme