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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2015, Vol. 26 ›› Issue (2): S20501 doi: 10.13538/j.1001-8042/nst.26.S20501

Special Issue: Special Section on International Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics in Heavy-Ion Reaction (IWND2014)

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Cluster structures in stable and unstable nuclei

Yoshiko Kanada-En’yo,1, y Masaaki Kimura,2 Fumiharu Kobayashi,3 Tadahiro Suhara,4 Yasutaka Taniguchi,5 and Yuta Yoshida1   

  1. 1Department of Physics, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan
    2Department of Physics, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, 060-0810, Japan
    3Department of Physics, Niigata University, Niigata 950-2181, Japan
    4Matsue College of Technology, Matsue 690-8518, Japan
    5Nihon Institute of Medical Science, Moroyama-machi, Iruma-gun, Saitama 350-0435, Japan
  • Contact: Yoshiko Kanada-En’yo
  • Supported by:

    Supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research of Japan Society for
    the Promotion of Science (Nos. 22540275 and 26400270)

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Yoshiko Kanada-En’yo, Masaaki Kimura, Fumiharu Kobayashi, Tadahiro Suhara, Yasutaka Taniguchi, and Yuta Yoshida. Cluster structures in stable and unstable nuclei.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2015, 26(2): S20501     doi: 10.13538/j.1001-8042/nst.26.S20501


Cluster structures in light unstable nuclei are discussed. The structures of neutron-rich Be isotopes are theoretically
investigated and the molecular orbital bond structure and its role in the vanishing of the neutron magic
number N = 8 are discussed. The two-body cluster resonances in highly excited states of neutron-rich Li, Be
and B isotopes are predicted theoretically.

Key words: Cluster, Molecular dynamics, Unstable nuclei