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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2015, Vol. 26 ›› Issue (4): 040201 doi: 10.13538/j.1001-8042/nst.26.040201

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Gantry optimization of the Shanghai Advanced Proton Therapy facility

WU Jun, 1DU Han-Wen, 1XUE Song, 1PAN Jia-Zhen,2 DU Yue-Fei,2LONG Ya-Wen2   

  1. 1Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201800, China
    2Shanghai Electric Group Corp., Shanghai 200245, China
  • Contact: WU Jun
  • Supported by:

    Supported by the Shanghai Advanced Proton Therapy project (No. Y331061061)

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WU Jun, DU Han-Wen, XUE Song, PAN Jia-Zhen, DU Yue-Fei, LONG Ya-Wen. Gantry optimization of the Shanghai Advanced Proton Therapy facility.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2015, 26(4): 040201     doi: 10.13538/j.1001-8042/nst.26.040201


A proton therapy system is a large medical device to treat tumors. Its gantry is of large structure and high precision. A new half-gantry was designed in the Shanghai Advanced Proton Therapy (SAPT) project. In this paper, the weight of gantry in design is reduced significantly by size and structure optimizations, to improve its cost-effectiveness, while guaranteeing the functions and precision. The processes of physics optimization, empirical design optimization, topological optimization and size optimization, together with factors of consideration, are described. The gantry weight is reduced by 30%, with the same precision.

Key words: Proton therapy, Gantry, Structure optimization, Topological optimization, Size optimization