Nuclear Science and Techniques

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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2011, Vol. 22 ›› Issue (4): 200-204 doi: 10.13538/j.1001-8042/nst.22.200-204


Major parameter measurement of high-brightness injector in Hefei Light Source

WANG Xiaohui HE Zhigang SUN Baogen JIA Qika   

  1. School of Nuclear Science and Technology & National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei 230029,China
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WANG Xiaohui, HE Zhigang, SUN Baogen, JIA Qika . Major parameter measurement of high-brightness injector in Hefei Light Source.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2011, 22(4): 200-204     doi: 10.13538/j.1001-8042/nst.22.200-204


A photocathode radio frequency gun,which is an S-band normal conducting 1.6 copper cell cavity with water cooling system,was installed in Hefei Light Source.In order to know its characteristics and get it into normal operation,continuous conditioning was conducted in the last few months.Beam charge and dark current charge were measured using integrating current transformer.The beam transverse size was determined as 1.63 mm in minimum using YAG screen and GigE Vision camera.Using multi-slits technique,the transverse emittance was measured and normalized at 1.95 mm·mrad with beam charge of 240 pC.The results provide a way to optimize the facility.

Key words: Photocathode RF gun, Transverse emittance, Beam charge, Solenoid