Nuclear Science and Techniques

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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2013, Vol. 24 ›› Issue (2): 020103 doi: 10.13538/j.1001-8042/nst.2013.02.011


Development of photon beam position feedback system based on two PBPMs at HLS

GU Liming  SUN Baogen  XUAN Ke  YANG Yongliang  LU Ping  ZHOU Zeran  CHENG Chaocai  XU Hongliang   

  1. School of Nuclear Science and Technology & National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230029, China
  • Received:2012-06-15
  • Contact: SUN Baogen
  • Supported by:

    Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 10675118, and No. 11175173)

GU Liming, SUN Baogen, XUAN Ke, YANG Yongliang, LU Ping, ZHOU Zeran, CHENG Chaocai, XU Hongliang. Development of photon beam position feedback system based on two PBPMs at HLS.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2013, 24(2): 020103     doi: 10.13538/j.1001-8042/nst.2013.02.011


In this paper, in order to stabilize the position and angle of the light source point, a new photon beam position feedback system based on the Photon Beam Position Monitors was developed on Hefei Light Source, and used to correct the position drift and angle variation of the light source at the same time. On introducing the feedback principle, the transfer function matrix is calibrated, indicating that the new system is workable and effective.

Key words: Photon beam position monitor, Position drift, Angle, Local feedback