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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2019, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (9): 135 doi: 10.1007/s41365-019-0657-4

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RF design and study of a 325 MHz 7 MeV APF IH-DTL for an injector of proton medical accelerator

Xuan Li1, 2, 3 Yue-Hu Pu1, 2, 3, 4 Fan Yang4  Xiu-Cui Xie2, 4 Qiang Gu1, 2, 3 Jian Qiao2, 3 Ming-Hua  Zhao2,3   

  1. 1 Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201210, China
    2 Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201800, China
    3 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China
    4 Shanghai APACTRON Particle Equipment Co., Ltd, Shanghai 201800, China
  • Received:2019-01-28 Revised:2019-04-28 Accepted:2019-04-29
  • Contact: Yue-Hu Pu
  • Supported by:
    This work was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (No. 2016YFC0105408).
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Xuan Li, Yue-Hu Pu, Fan Yang, Xiu-Cui Xie, Qiang Gu, Jian Qiao, Ming-Hua Zhao. RF design and study of a 325 MHz 7 MeV APF IH-DTL for an injector of proton medical accelerator.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2019, 30(9): 135     doi: 10.1007/s41365-019-0657-4

Abstract: A compact interdigital H-mode drift-tube linac (IH-DTL) with the alternating-phase-focusing (APF) method, working at 325 MHz was designed for an injector of a proton medical accelerator. When fed in with a proper RF (radio frequency) power, the DTL cavity could establish the corresponding electromagnetic field to accelerate the ‘‘proton bunches’’ from an input energy of 3 MeV to an output energy of 7 MeV successfully, without any additional radial focusing elements. The gap-voltage distribution which was obtained from the CST Microwave Studio software simulations of the axial electric field was compared with that from the beam dynamics, and the errors met the requirements within ± 5%. In this paper, the RF design procedure and key results of the APF IH-DTL, which include the main RF characteristics of the cavity, frequency sensitivities of the tuners, and coupling factor of the RF power input coupler are presented.

Key words: Proton therapy, Proton medical accelerator, Injector, Drift-tube linac (DTL), Interdigital H-mode (IH), Alternating-phase-focusing (APF)