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Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2018, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (1): 3 doi: 10.1007/s41365-017-0339-z

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Gamma and X-ray radiation compatibility of Ti–Ta–Hf–Zr alloys used for coronary stent applications

L. Seenappa 1,2,4 • H. C. Manjunatha 1,4 • K. N. Sridhar 2,4 • Chikka Hanumantharayappa 3,4   

  1. 1 Department of Physics, Government College for Women, Kolar, Karnataka 563101, India
    2 Department of Physics, Government First Grade College, Kolar, Karnataka 563101, India
    3 Vivekananda Degree College, Bangalore, Karnataka 560 055, India
    4 Research and Development Centre, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore 641046, India
  • Contact: L. Seenappa
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L.Seenappa, H.C. Manjunatha, K.N. Sridhar, Chikka Hanumantharayappa. Gamma and X-ray radiation compatibility of Ti–Ta–Hf–Zr alloys used for coronary stent applications.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2018, 29(1): 3     doi: 10.1007/s41365-017-0339-z


We have studied the gamma and X-ray radiation compatibility of Ti-based alloys such as Ti–37Ta–26Hf–13Zr-24 (wt%) [Alloy 1], Ti–40Ta–22Hf–11.7Zr-26.3 (wt%) [Alloy 2], Ti–45Ta–18.4Hf–10Zr-26.6 (wt%) [Alloy 3], Ti–50Ta–15Hf–8Zr-27 (wt%) [Alloy 4], Ti–55Ta–12Hf–7Zr-26 (wt%) [Alloy 5], and Ti–60Ta–10Hf–5Zr-25 (wt%) [Alloy 6]. Gamma and X-ray radiation compatibility is studied by evaluating the mass attenuation coefficient, mean free path, HVL, TVL effective atomic number, effective electron density, exposure buildup factor, and relative dose. We have compared these parameters for studied alloys with that of arteries. The alloys Ti–55Ta–12Hf–7Zr-26 and Ti–60Ta–10Hf–5Zr-25 have added properties such as gamma/X-ray radiation compatibility, high elastic admissible strain, high mechanical strength, and excellent biocompatibility. Hence, we may suggest that, among Ti–Ta–Hf–Zr alloys, these alloys are best materials for coronary stent applications.

Key words: Stentalloys X-ray, Gamma, Mass attenuation coefficient