Nuclear Science and Techniques

《核技术》(英文版) ISSN 1001-8042 CN 31-1559/TL     2019 Impact factor 1.556

Nuclear Science and Techniques ›› 2017, Vol. 28 ›› Issue (4): 54 doi: 10.1007/s41365-017-0200-4


Alpha radiolysis of nitric acid aqueous solution irradiated by 238Pu source

Zhe Liu1, Zhong Fang1, Liang Wang2, Hui He2, Ming-Zhang Lin1,3   

  1. 1 School of Nuclear Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, China
    2 China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing 102413, China
    3 Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei 230031, China
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Zhe Liu, Zhong Fang, Liang Wang, Hui He, Ming-Zhang Lin. Alpha radiolysis of nitric acid aqueous solution irradiated by 238Pu source.Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2017, 28(4): 54     doi: 10.1007/s41365-017-0200-4


Alpha radiolysis of nitric acid aqueous solution by a 238Pu source is investigated experimentally and theoretically. The time dependence of the nitrous acid yield on dose rate, nitric acid concentration, and nitrate ion concentration is studied. A novel kinetic model for the a-radiolysis of nitric acid aqueous solution is established, by considering the direct and indirect effects. The simulation results agree well with the experimental data, indicating the validity of our model to treat the reaction paths for generation and consumption of nitrous acid. It is shown that the redox reactions involving Pu cannot be neglected in the a-radiolysis of the solution. The results provide a better understanding of the a-ray radiolysis of aqueous nitric acid.

Key words: α-Radiolysis, Nitric acid, Plutonium, Aqueous solution, Kinetic model, Nitrous acid