Nuclear Techniques ›› 2015, Vol. 38 ›› Issue (7): 70104-070104.doi: 10.11889/j.0253-3219.2015.hjs.38.070104


Design of fast beam transverse profile monitor in electron storage ring

CHENG Chaocai SUN Baogen YANG Yongliang ZHOU Zeran LU Ping WU Fangfang WANG Jigang TANG Kai LUO Qing LI Hao   

  1. (National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230029, China)
  • Received:2015-03-12 Revised:2015-03-30 Online:2015-07-10 Published:2015-07-10
  • Contact: Bao-Gen Sun

Abstract: Background: Many issues such as beam dynamics and beam instability concerning machine performance and stability are being studied in accelerator facility. As a consequence, a Fast Beam Transverse Profile Monitor (FBPM) using visible synchrotron radiation is being developed and will be applied for the upgrade project of Hefei Light Source (HLS II). Purpose: This study aims to design a FBPM apparatus to measure beam position and size in electron storage ring. Methods: A Hamamatsu Multi-Anode Photo-Multiplier Tube (MAPMT) R5900U-00-L16 is applied to the development of FBMP. This MAPMT has a 0.8 mm?16 mm effective area per channel and 0.6 ns typical rise time which has enough spatial and temporal resolution. Logarithm processing technique with four successive channels is used to acquire beam parameters. Results: The test results show that measurement errors of focal length are within ?1 mm, bandwidth of low noise wideband amplifier is approximately 420 MHz, gain errors between all the four channels and the second channel are less than 0.2 dB, and peak signal errors among them are no more than 2%. Conclusion: The FBMP apparatus proposed in this paper meet the requirements of acquiring beam turn-by-turn transverse beam position and size with only four channels of MAPMT.

Key words: FBPM, Turn-by-turn transverse size and position, MAPMT, Logarithm processing technique